Q: What is DAX?

A: DAX is a small internet startup that specializes in creating useful tools using Artificial Intelligence. Our first offering is a domain name finder app that uses AI to generate available domain names based on a user's idea or keyword.

Q: How does the domain name finder app work?

A: Our app uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze keywords and generate a list of available domain names. Users simply input their idea or keyword, and the app does the rest. The app generates a list of domain names, which can be purchased through our partnered domain registrars.

Q: Are the domain names generated by the app unique?

A: Yes, all domain names generated by our app are unique and have not been registered before. We use sophisticated AI algorithms to ensure that our domain names are relevant, memorable, and stand out from the competition.

Q: Can I use the domain name finder app for free?

A: Yes, our domain name finder app is free to use. However, you will need to purchase the domain name through our affiliate partners.

Q: How do I purchase a domain name generated by the app?

A: Once you have generated a list of domain names using our app, you can purchase them through our trusted affiliate partners. Simply click on the "Buy" button next to the domain name you wish to purchase, and you will be taken to our affiliate partner's website to complete the purchase.